Wonderful Swallow Tattoos

Bird is the animal that freely lives. It is also the symbol of freedom. This kind of bird is a little bird that lives their life independently. Although, create as a small animal, swallow can survive in every situation. It can build its nest by itself. They even collect the materials for their nest in […]

Wonderful Crow Tattoo Designs

Bird includes in feminine animal. So, it is mostly loved by women. There are many kinds of cute bird that become women’s favorite. But not all women, partly some women like the kind of dark bird like crow. It is black bird that usually eats carcass. Because of the love to that bird, women don’t […]

Various Forearm Tattoo Designs

Sleeve tattoo design is favored by many people that want to show their art to public. It is consisted of some parts that can be drawn with various tattoo design. They are shoulder, elbow and forearm. Applying tattoo design on those body parts are not complicated. Especially forearm, it is the simplest part to be […]

Unique Tattoos Ideas For You

Having a great design of tattoo is something most demanded. There are many great designs provided for tattoo lovers, but just some that will be match with their taste. Common design is loved by people who like to get save in getting tattoo design. For people who love out of the box thing, they usually […]

Types of Creative Taurus Tattoos

The positive character of Taurus is the leadership. They are also the kind of people that have high persistence in doing their responsibility. Like the other zodiacs, it has the character that used by tattoo artist to make a great design of Taurus tattoo. The symbol of Taurus is a proud bull. The strength of […]

The best of Turtle Tattoo

Turtle is the kind of animal that can live for a very long time, even beyond the human does. It can also live in water and land. Even in an extreme climate, it can endure and survive. A thousand miles of ocean can be conquered by this creature. It usually forages in the water. And […]